The Recorder

From a review by Ray Harris, special to The Recorder:

In the publishing business, figuring out a good title for a new book, one that grabs the reader and says "buy me", is an awesome responsibility so important that an author will fill dozens of legal-size notepad pages with potential winners. I would have liked to have seen author Terry Marotta’s notepads as she searched for the title for her new book that became "Vacationing in my Driveway." It’s a grabber.

Organized as a book of months, January through December, the titles of the chapters alone are worth the price of admission, Like "Skipping Gym and Smoking in the Girls’ Room," or "Droolin’ Down Our Own Chests" or "Stopping By Malls on a Snowy Evening." It’s all about observing and participating in the everyday things in life that we encounter right around home – in our driveways so to speak – and if we see the beauty and the humor in these ordinary experiences we are as refreshed as if we had gone looking far afield for our mental and physical rejuvenation.

Once grabbed by Marotta’s titles, readers are treated to some of the best descriptive writing that I can remember since falling in love with the short stories of Katherine Mansfield, the New Zealand master of description who wrote in teh1920s and 1930s. Marotta’s vivid word pictures can make you laugh, or bring a tearful lump to your throat at times, but at the end of each short chapter you always find you have learned something about the way you lead your life, or perhaps how you should lead it.

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