The Midwest Book Review - May 2002

Vacationing in My Driveway
Terry Marotta
Ravenscroft Press
P.O. Box 270, Winchester, Massachusetts 01890
0963860321 $12.95 1-617-512-2264

Written by syndicated columnist Terry Marotta, Vacationing in My Driveway is a collection of 52 special columns, one relating to every week in the year, about topics ranging from religious devotion to learning to relax and enjoy life. Funny, moving, delightful, and occasionally entrancing, these vignettes are like popcorn - reading one only makes you want to read more. Vacationing In My Driveway is highly recommended reading for Terry's legions of fans, and will well serve to introduce her particular brand of wit, wisdom, and observation to those not yet familiar with her writings.

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