Vacationing In My Driveway, by Terry Marotta


“A splendid little book, which may find you if you have enough good karma.”
The Tampa Tribune

“Here is someone who makes story-telling seem accessible, something any of us might do well were we to pay a bit more attention. Marotta may just be the best unfamous writer in the United States.”
The Palm Beach Post

“As a syndicated columnist Marotta has for the past 20 years striven to be real, profound and witty in just over 600 words a week. If this book is any indication, she often manages all three.”
The Capital Weekly

“After a couple of pages I felt as I do during conversations with a dear friend.”
The Brunswick Times Record

“Captivating bits of prose, full of sprightly rhythms and the author’s charming insights.”
The Bangor Daily News

“Some of the best descriptive writing that I can remember since falling in love with the short stories of Katherine Mansfield.”
The Greenfield Recorder

“Readers are taken on a year-long journey through life, guided by the sense of tranquility and acceptance that is at the core of this author’s beliefs.”
The Quincy Patriot Ledger

“Sweet, funny, poignant…”
The Danbury News Times

“Everyone knows that even the most carefully planned vacations can go wrong. The ones Terry Marotta writes about here are the more unexpected moments, when everything can be filled with wonder.”
The Springfield Union-News

“These pieces are addictive – it won't take you 52 weeks to read this one!”
The Berkshire Eagle

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Some reaction by readers to Marotta's weekly feature, syndicated to 50 papers nationwide:

“You write like a dream.” - John Updike

“Your column is what I look for first –
before Dear Abby even!” - Janice Pack

“May God speed you and bless you in your work, which is often the most profound thing
I see in the media in a week.” - Elizabeth Ferry

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The Tampa Tribune
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Review: Vacationing In My Driveway

"After reading this book of selected weekly newspaper columns spanning the seasons of a year in New England, you'll wish the author's columns were more widely distributed. These are intimate stories, mostly sweet and funny, expressing a sense of celebration for the seemingly everyday small stuff. Even loss and death are dealt with an elegant simplicity that brings them into context. This is a splendid little book which may find you if you have enough good karma."


Table of Contents


Not a Bowl of Berries for Terry and the Pirate
Convent Living Postponed
The Field Trip
Awash in Water and Invalid Males
22 Degrees and Lightly Snowing


Whimsy, Flint and Little Manson
Cupids Cavorting
“It Had a Ring Around It”
One of Our Party Passed Out


Let It Melt, Let It Melt, Let It Melt
For That and For the Sky
Fix-Up Season


Be With God
Easter Bunny Bungle
The Sun Shone as I Sang


That New Girl, Charlotte
Hap and Cal
Skipping Gym and Smoking in the Girls’ Room
A Pond in Spring
How To Keep Smiling No Matter What


“Ford Ev’ry Str-e-e-e-am”
Billowing, In Acres of Satin
Father’s Day and Essential Dadhood
Ah, You Boy


Love in It
Summer Rental
Droolin’ Down Our Own Chests
Camp Grownup


The World’s Bright Shapes
Beauty Queen Week
You Already Own the Essentials
Say Goodbye to It, Daughter of Ours


In Our Routines
September 11th
Off to Work and Well-Enough Contented
To Notice, and Catch On, and Remember


I’m Ready to Tell You My Secret
Adult Ed: Learnin’ the Lingo
Live Now in Joy
Halloween: The Kids and the Animals


Lean Back and Let It Spin
Through a Clashing Din of Oak Leaves
Here the Gravy and Here the Sweet Potatoes
National Picture-Taking Day


Stopping by Malls on a Snowy Evening
O Spindly Tree, O Spindly Tree
“Dear Santa: I Want My Own Movie Theatre”
Angels There to Meet Us
So Bless Winter, That Lets Us Rest

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