What the Critics are Saying...

“Some of the best descriptive writing that I can remember since falling in love with the short stories of Katherine Mansfield.”
Chris Harris, in the Greenfield Recorder

“She speaks with a wry intimacy very much missing in our daily dealings. Her writing is so funny, and comforting and startling – all at the same time.”
Suzette Martinez Standring of the Milton Times

“Funny, moving, delightful, and occasionally entrancing, these vignettes are like popcorn – reading one only makes you want to read more.”
The Midwest Book Review

“Marotta just may be the best unfamous writer in the country. Her word-pictures are mental Pop Rocks that continue to fizz long after you’ve read them...”
Ron Wiggins, for the Palm Beach Post

“The stories are short and unhurried, like an afternoon nap, or a vacation taken where she finds it – in her driveway, say. They call on memories, sweet and bittersweet. They take up the moment like a glass of good wine. They ease toward rich tomorrows.”
Michèle Marr, for the L.A. Times

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