Berkshires Week Review
November 14, 2002

A Good Book is the Best Gift
By Lesley Ann Beck

Berkshire County is a particularly fertile area for authors, publishers, photographers and illustrators. Here at The Eagle, review copies of fabulous books produced by local talent appear quite frequently. Since books make wonderful gifts, a quick look at a number of these offerings seems timely. There are books for children and adults, fiction and non-fiction and books to delight the eye.

"Vacationing in My Driveway"
by Terry Marotta, published by Ravenscroft Press.

Syndicated columnistxTerry Marotta has chosen 52 essays, one for each week of the year, for this funny, wise and very real collection of moments from her life. The titles are great, too -- "Awash in Water and Invalid Males," "It Had a Ring Around It," "Skipping Gym and Smoking in the Girls' Room," "Billowing, in Acres of Satin" and "O, Spindly Tree, O Spindly Tree." These columns are addictive -- it won't take you 52 weeks to read this one.

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