The Bangor Daily News - December 2002

Vacationing in My Driveway
Terry Marotta
Ravenscroft Press
Winchester, Mass.

John N. Cole
December 30, 2002

A collection of 52 short essays arranged to coincide with each of the year's 52 weeks, these are captivating and often surprising bits of prose.

I'm quite sure from my reading that the author is Irish – Marotta, I'll bet, is her married name. My deduction is based on the lilt of her writing, its sprightly rhythms and the author's charming insights. She loves her family and her heart beats to nature's tempo, for this is an altogether romantic writer seasoned with the bite of life's realities.

You won't have to begin at the beginning. If it's December when you begin reading, start with December. You'll find yourself hooked and before you know it you'll have read all 52. Or if it's gray November and you'd like a taste of more friendly weather, turn to May. "Sometimes by a pond in spring," writes this muse of time, "evening stretches and reclines like a lady in rustling silk. Sometimes by such a pond, evening yawns and lies down like a happy dog."

This is a New Englander writing here, a Yankee born, who has grown up with the rhythms of the four seasons played year after year in her life as child, girl and mother. And she has children who grow as you read, a husband who is a good and noble man, plus aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and the men, women and children she encounters each day of her busy and energetic life. She is both a city- and a country- woman, aware of Nature as well as Man and her readers are the beneficiaries of the breadth o her experience.

If you choose to read one essay each week of the year, you can count on at least one very good day.

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