April 2008
Letter from Tucson
Terry Marotta

Letter from Tucson Visit

Dear Terry,
Originally I was planning to write to thank you for your visit to Tucson. You were delightful. Thank you! Then I wanted to thank you for the four books I somewhat impulsively bought that evening. I've started three of them. They are delightful, too. So thank you again. Then I popped in the first CD from “Breadcrumbs” and was welcomed by your wonderful Boston accent and your wonderful reading of those great stories so thank you once more. But the real kicker is this: Armed with your voice and a sense of your writing presence I attended a meeting tonight at the assisted living facility for Alzheimer's patients where my mother lives. Every Wednesday I go for a lecture or family meeting and tonight a psychiatrist was speaking on depression in elderly patients. He made me uncomfortable, so right away I copped an attitude, I'm not sure why.  Anyway, I suddenly imagined you were sitting in the seat next to me--hurrah!--and your wise, wry, compassionate understanding flooded the room. I felt an outpouring of love for the family members shifting in their chairs, so brave and so worn; for the doctor who probably saw badly behaved people in his treatment room this afternoon; for my mother, ragged as a soldier, who always tells me that she loves me; and for me, who got this great gift of your writing this past weekend. Thank you.
Susan N. Tucson

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