Q and A
Terry Marotta

Sample Interview Questions

Q. Vacationing in My Driveway: what does that mean exactly? (A. I answer by saying it means "bloom where you’re planted." It means wherever you are you can find joy, etc. (Answer takes 30 seconds.)

Q. So then you’re not really saying that you sit outside your house all day? (Answer takes 60 seconds.)

Q. But what does all this have to do with the seasons? You said the book is about them, right? I mean here it is nearly winter, it gets dark earlier and earlier and I for one don’t have a vacation in sight. Show me the joy there. (Answer takes 90 seconds and involves sweet and funny stories about two cats as fat as hot water bottles, and memories of getting pushed and twirled on a swing set.)

Q. OK I’m not persuaded yet. What else is good about this month? (This answer, quite funny, involves the fact that high school reunions often take place in around now. Story of author going to her reunion with her dress on backwards J)

Q. To be serious though. You say that nothing is ever taken from us that is not returned in some form. How does this work now? (A. Well, this is a real nice answer for your listeners . Maybe it takes a minute.)

Q. So in your way of thinking, what? the dead come back? (Answer takes 90 seconds – Here comes the part where they cry (or else I do!)

Q. You seem like a very positive person. Is that fair to say? (A. I am indeed a positive person and I think we have much more power and ability than we can ever know . Who would have thought little Terry Sheehy from Lowell (Sheehy is my maiden name) I would end up becoming an author AND a teacher AND
a massage therapist AND a finalist in the NASA’s Journalist in Space competition!)

Q. Explain the massage therapist part. How does that fit in? (And I will explain it – because it all ties in quite seamlessly.)

Q. Have you written other books? A. Yes in fact: one very funny book (with only a LITTLE death in it! J) besides "Vacationing in My Driveway." It’s called "I Thought He Was as Speed Bump and Other Excuses from Life in the Fast Lane.")

Q. How can people get these books of yours? A. They can go to any Borders or Barnes & Noble, maybe calling first to be sure they have it or will order it in. For maximum fun they can visit my website: But for maximum SAVINGS they should try either of the two amazing sites or Barnes & Noble’s

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