Terry Marotta

Top Ten Ways to Live Longer

1. Vacation in the driveway. Thats right: just pull up and sit there a minute. You'll be surprised at what you'll suddenly start noticing.

2. On the highway, always choose the toll booth staffed by a human.

3. Now talk to this person, or anyone behind any counter as you pay.

4. Take a chance generally: Smile at that stranger coming toward you, if only because in this one moment your paths are crossing.

5. Think of the person whose habits vex you the most and practice the turnaround meaning imagine him as the quirky, unique and valiantly striving individual your mother always saw you as.

6. Try doing this on yourself, setting aside the usual self-contempt.

7. OK, now give # 4 another try and see if it isnt easier.

8. When among others, put away that Walkman, Discman etc.

9. While youre at it, press the off button on that cell phone.

10. Only connect! and you can make even a dull day shine!

Do these things and you'll learn to have a good time even the DMV; even waiting in line at the pharmacists window. All it takes is enaging with others. Make that creative leap of imagination that puts you in the other guys shoes and soon enough youll be able to make a friend and ally out of every stranger; to take even loss and learn to turn it inside-out like an old sweater to reveal its silver lining.

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