Sarah Goes to the Mall

by Isabel Grasso:

Trim, slim and neatly dressed,
She winds her way around the mall,
Looking in windows at the bright displays,
Finding some to her taste, others not -
A little lady, hair of gray,
Her movements brisk, her face reflecting health,
Not really minding being called a Senior,
But thinking Vintage Citizen might describe it better.
Dressed in a polyester suit of blue,
Pants sharply pressed, but not too snug a fit,
White lacy blouse, blue bag, blue shoes -
Feeling at peace with the world and herself,
Content to have reached this stage of life,
Looking about at folks who smile at her,
Who smile more widely as they pass on by.
This proper lady would be chagrined
If she could only see
The sheet of pink fabric softener
On her back!

©Copyright 2002-2011 Terry Marotta, All Rights Reserved.