Apostrophe to Chicle

From Clarence Borggaard:

O luscious, resilient goo
Compounded from sap
That some Mexican drew
From the bark of a tree,
Or a bush--
Just listen to me
While I gush.
You were talcum'd and crisp
When I rent and discarded your sheath;
And I spoke with a lisp
As I bent you with palate and teeth.
Tumbled and folded you
Crumbled and molded you
Into a paste.
While the synthetic taste
That I wrung
From your fractions--
Sweet essence of weeds,
Spices and seeds
And other extractions,--
Seeped into my tongue.
But here I must pause
In my song.
My jaws have been idle too long.
O luscious, resilient, indestructible goo.

©Copyright 2002-2011 Terry Marotta, All Rights Reserved.