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Still Following the Trail of Breadcrumbs

“A great way to look at life around you and to sort out what is occurring within you at the same time. Inspirational.” - Bookviews

“An absorbing tool ideal for cultivating free-association writing and journaling skills” – the Midwest Review

Abington Library

Terry, the featured speaker for Abington Library's 30th Birthday celebration, chats with Mary Lane, Treasurer of the Friends.

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Readers React

Readers of Terry's Column react. More

In Memory

Smoke rises from a building and we think of them. It can be any building, anywhere. A plane rises from the ground and we think of them, and pray they did not see death rushing toward them with such swift certainty... Read More

Visit to Tucson

“Armed with your voice and a sense of your writing presence I attended a meeting tonight at the assisted living facility for Alzheimer's patients where my mother lives.” - Letter


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All Beautiful, a Journey Through the Year

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Terry does regular commentaries for New York’s WAMC, Northeast Public Radio. This selection: "Rest Hour"

This selection: "A Funny Take on Therapy"

Released from Ravenscroft Press
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Still Following the Trail of Breadcrumbs

Still Following the Trail

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Recent Columns

This week as every week, Terry's column is on her Blog:

'Free' Can End Up Costing

I have always been a frugal person. I have never flown first-class... Read More

Wear and Tear

Fella comes to our house, wants to clean a rug that lies on the floor of a room where a zillion dust motes dance ... Read More

Hope Springs Eternal

What Fate really loves to do is to wait until you start to relax a little after running a steeplechase like the Holidays and then – bam! ... Read More

Terry Marotta

Journaling Workshop

at The Maynard Public Library
It was great!

Syndicated Columnist & Author
Terry Marotta explained how anyone can learn to write jauntily, easily and joyfully.

Workshop participants learned to get those stories and impressions down on paper at this free, open-to-the-public event!

Part of the library's First Annual Author Fest featuring Richard Russo, Andre Dubus III, Roland Merullo and more.

Remembering John Updike

WBUR and NPR's On Point with Tom Ashbrook –

"He taught me how to write" says Terry of the recently deceased John Updike. Read her  "Tribute to the Master" then listen to her remarks as the very last call-in guest on Tom Ashbrook's "On Point" on Public Radio.

WAMC Essay

Let It, Melt, Let It Melt, Let It Melt

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